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Morris Crop Marketing exists with the purpose of providing a personalized crop marketing service to row crop producers located in both the Arkansas and Mississippi Delta regions. By utilizing the resources and tools necessary for success, Morris Crop Marketing acts as the marketing branch of your farming operation. Morris Crop Marketing offers a constant source of market information and operates with the goal of helping the producer stay on top of local and global markets, while  assisting the producer with the execution and organization of their cash sales. 



Market information is everywhere, on our phones, computers, television and radio. Anyone can access this information, and if you listen to a few daily market reports, you hear basically the same thing. While still important and not to be ignored, this easily accessible information is broad in nature and lacks specific information which affects the price of your crops in your specific area. At Morris Crop Marketing, local information is at the core of our crop marketing philosophy. To name just a few, local information includes basis movement, freight availability and short-term buyer needs. Morris Crop Marketing communicates with local buyers and keeps the producer informed to help guide them in regards to their cash sales. Morris Crop Marketing offers services to SOYBEAN, CORN, WHEAT, RICE AND COTTON farmers.  



Trey Morris was born and raised in the Delta region of Arkansas and possesses 10+ years experience in the grain industry. Trey began his career in the grain business working as a commodity broker and grain market analyst in Chicago before moving back home to work on the cash side of the grain business. His most recent professional role as a grain merchandiser allowed him to serve row crop producers in both the Arkansas and Mississippi Delta regions. In this role, Trey developed a great sense of how grain moved throughout the Delta and what outside factors led to certain price fluctuations and marketing challenges. Wanting to provide a crop marketing service with a local feel and presence, Trey formed Morris Crop Marketing, LLC. Trey utilizes both his commodity brokerage and cash grain experiences to help his clients navigate the cash grain markets. He believes that constant communication and understanding the specific needs of each producer's operation are the key elements to the success of marketing cash crops. 

Morris Crop Marketing is located in Oxford, Mississippi and is a short drive to many parts of the Delta areas that the company serves.  Trey lives in Oxford with his wife and daughter.

Qualifications and Certifications: 

 10+ years in the Ag Industry

* 2009 - 2012             Commodity Broker, Grain Market Analyst (Chicago, IL)

* 2012 - 2017               Grain Merchandiser

* 2017 - Present      AR  Real Estate Licensed Land  Sales Associate 

* 2019 - Present     Commodity Broker ,Husk Trading & Investments, LLC

* 2019 - Present      Morris Crop Marketing, LLC

* B.S., Agricultural Business, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

* Futures and Options Broker , Husk Trading and Investments, LLC 

* Series 3 License, National Futures Association (NFA)

* Series 30 License, National Futures Association (NFA)

* Certified Grain Merchant, Level I, White Commercial Corporation

* Rice Market Contributor, Van Trump Report




SIMPLE PRICING, SIMPLY PUT. Morris Crop Marketing charges a yearly fee of $1.00/marketed acre on soybeans, corn, wheat, rice, and cotton with a cap of $3000.00. There are no service pricing tiers and no packages.  Local Market Analysis, Logistical Support, and Tailored Marketing Plans are included within the fee. 





Receive local and global market updates twice daily. This service is sent via text message and will keep you updated on the most important news affecting the local and global market place. You will also have full access to visit about the markets over the phone or by text.



Trey Morris is a Series 3 licensed commodity broker and branch manager for Husk Trading and Investments, LLC. www.husktrading.com. This allows him to offer hedging services through Husk Trading and Investments, LLC to assist in managing the risk of your crops.



Need help getting grain hauled? Morris Crop Marketing will work with local trucking companies to schedule and coordinate the pick up and delivery of your crops post harvest. 



Every operation is different. There are different goals and budgets. Your marketing plan is tailored specifically to your operation while you remain in full control of the decision-making.

Risk Disclaimer


 Trading futures and options involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. An investment in futures contracts involves a high degree of risk and is suitable only for persons who can assume the risk of loss in excess of their margin deposits. You should carefully consider whether futures trading is appropriate for you in light of your investment experience, trading objectives, financial resources, and other relevant circumstances. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

Please note that there is an inherent risk of loss associated with trading futures and options contracts, even when used for hedging purposes. Please carefully consider your financial condition before investing in futures and options contracts.


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